Transforming the world one person at a time, bringing their natural vibrating frequency back in alignment with their spirit and essence seems to bring my natural vibration in a state of Love for all including myself. This website is proof of this. Rising from the ashes, the Phoenix ascends into the night sky through out the universe spreading its fire wings bringing warmth and assurance to those who seek it on its path.​

Creativity is mostly my form of outlet although sometimes I may step in directly with guidance using Birch Bark Readings and Tarot Sessions. And yes Magic is also a big part of my life. Trusting the unknown and allowing ourselves to step outside our comfort zone is a very big and courageous process and if I can help others do this then becomes is simply be the cherry on top. My views and opinions are just that. Ideas and views that you may or may not share and that is perfectly acceptable. It’s ok to be different here.

Music, Photography, writing and Public speaking are currently my sources of creation. I avoid labels as I find they limit people so to call myself a Photographer, Musician, Producer or a Writer would anchor me down. While my years of experience and dedication have taught me much, I do consider myself as a creative worker in those and other fields. As of this week, I co-wrote and produced a children puppet show for the Christmas holidays.  Simply said…The Sky is the limit. Let your mind be free.

But does the sky actually exists…? LOL
Welcome and Enjoy


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