How pretentious is to define and write about ourselves.

Yet that’s why folks want your bio. They want to know who you are in order to know if your personality and career path inspires them to get to the next level of exchange. I.E. do I continue browsing or even buying this guy’s book or do I move on to next cat video scrolling down on facebook.

If you got this far… Good.

My personal aversion to labels makes it more of a challenge to define myself. Yet I’ll just begin with the things I’ve done so far in my life. Caveat these may or may not be in chronological order.

My innate imagination and creativity first brought me on stage as an actor. With professional training in a reputable theatre program, you might have seen me in my early 20’s in several plays by playwrites and directors such as Steve Galucio and Albert Neremberg. By my late 20’s, with a solid agent by my side, I was a recognizable face on television, landing roles in popular TV commercials such as Weetabix cereals, The Magic Bag, the TV sports Network etc… Television series with guest appearance, music videos and even appearances on big movie screen.

As the acting progressed so did my love from behind the camera thus I directed a few commercials, some shorts and even my first feature film.

From the movie director came the producer, a choice of necessity as when one begins directing few will offer to produce your ideas. So I learnt the A to Z of producing.

Many years later, I created a production company that lasted about 4 years as I realized it was no longer my passion. Not from the creative point of view but from the business side of things (Technology dropped prices to ridiculous slashing levels as everyone went out to buy shinny recording or editing device. Of course 20 years experience in acting, directing, producing, and even sales I had was not something they readily had.) Negotiating why I charged what I did from my experience side of things just was not my cup of tea anymore.

And thank goodness…A new adventure was about to take to me to bolder and higher places.

In my 40’s I’ve exposed erotic photography works in art expositions across North America. I’ve worked as a professional live nude model for Universities and art schools.

Unexperienced, I jumped in both feet working on a horse ranch for 5 months. Feeding the horses, cleaning the stalls, walking them outside and even learning how to train horses were just some of the really cool stuff I did on that ranch. But my best memory is learning to run and jump on to the horse like John Wane did in ‘’Insert movie’’.

Back in the 2015 federal election, a party from mostly western Canada asked me to represent their party in a Montreal city district. The party loved me so much they even elected me as their deputy leader to their chief leader. Initially I accepted but do to a young leadership and some in-house fighting, I stepped down preferring not being associated with them.

Plans were drawn to create a provincial party of the same movement. I wrote an extensive platform touching on everything from economics, to health to even cultural programs about what this party would stand for and how I as its leader I would guide it to a inspiring movement. However, I quickly understood the flaw with politics and every party on earth. As I rallied support for the new Libertarian Provincial Party, folks lined up behind me in support of this new endeavor. ‘’We’re behind you 100% Phoenix!‘’ This is when I realized – everyone expects the party to change things so nobody does anything concrete to change. But real change happens with individual responsibility outside the system. Not with folks standing behind an elected face every 4 years in which they have no input whatsoever in legislations and policies.

But I digress.

Employed by an American company to run the Montreal Symphony Orchestra fundraiser campaign, I hired, trained, managed and motivated the staff. Although quite successful, close to 1 million dollars raised under my management, I felt the corporate world was not for me.

Shortly after I left and I opened my photography company, which grew into a production company many years later.

Two years ago I left the city seeking a better quality of life and moved in the Laurentien region up north in the small town of Val-David. The winds of change also showed me a new journey ahead.

A path of guiding and helping others heal and teach them how to follow their heart was shown to me one sunny spring morning in a daydream. My journey has brought me to guild folks through what I’ve coined ‘’Birch Bark Readings’’. I add to this tarot card reading to give each seeker a complete set of tools for their personal guidance. I define what I do as helping people find their natural vibrating frequency. In a quaint friendly esoteric boutique in Val-David, you can see me there Thursdays and Fridays but I also offer private sessions on demand for those who like to know more drop me a line.

I began learning piano 4 years ago and I’m currently rehearsing my second piano concert for the After Valentines crowd in February 2019. Now a day’s I manage my time between my guidance of others and my #1 passion which is music.

As you read this bio, you may find it different from most others so it’s safe to say writing is another one of my passions. This creator has written movie scripts, video games trailers, books, and many marketing slogans and content.

Oh… and I almost forgot… I invented a method that helps reprogram the subconscious mind. I currently have a patent pending on this method; this also is one of the projects that I’m developing an APP for.

For now that’s about it but come back in 6 months and who knows where or what I will have added. LOL.