About me

How  to define and write about ourselves.


My aversion to labels makes it a challenge to define myself. I build and make stuff. And when I ‘m not doing that I’m probably sitting behind my piano writing a song or at my friend’s recording studio laying down a track. 

In the evening I like to sit back on my porch watch the birds fly and feed my buddy jack the squirrel who sits on my leg while I enjoy a nice smoothie.  I really enjoy my boxing training  days as much as the 24h vow of silence I do once a week. I love my pick up truck and yeah you could call me a city slicker gone redneck.

I ain’t politically correct and all that nonsense stuff that has torn down the fabric of our lives. I love life and humanity on all it’s levels. This world needs more love and common sense and if in my own small way I can bring that through my wood work, music, or sharing my views then I can say I did good. And I can go to bed every night with calm and assured rest. 

Here ‘s my buddy Jack hanging out with me one cool spring sunny day. He’s really not shy anymore and loves to pose for the camera whenever he can.

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